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Healing By His Grace

Together we can change our families, communities, and the world, one note, one step, and one prayer at a time.

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Friday,  July 22nd at 12:00 pm

"Hidden in Plain Sight" performed by Dancing by His Grace Classical Ensemble with guest speaker, human trafficking survivor Penny Hoeflinger of Coffee House Farms. This event is part of our goal to help bring the Lord's healing and give a voice to those who have been hurt.

Rotary Club Performance and Luncheon
Healing Tote

Want to help women in your community? 

The Healing Tote initiative began when the Holy Spirit prompted the President of the Board of Directors, Karen Eriksson-Lee, to provide essential items that most of us take for granted to those rescued from slavery and the scourge of human trafficking. 

Reaching out to Joannie O'Neill, a longtime friend and ballet mom in Karen's former ballet academy the NVAB, the two discussed the project. The duo purchased material and the first Healing Totes were then created and lovingly sewn by Joannie.

Partnering on a program to educate the public with Penny Hoeflinger and her nonprofit Coffee House Farms, it was a natural extension of our joint mission to add Healing Totes for those rescued. 

Our totes have been packed with care and sent to women in Virgina, West Virginia, and Nebraska. We are currently getting ready to send some overseas as well.

If you would like us to come to your community with our program, or sponsor a woman through prayer and a donation to cover the cost of a Healing Tote ($25) please email our team at: 



Together we can change the world one note, one step, and one prayer at a time.