Breathing By His Grace

There are endless reasons why a mom may be in crisis, but no-matter the reason we want every mom to know they have a support system here at Breathing by His Grace. 

This online resource is designed by moms who have been there, for moms who are in the thick of life’s challenges. With simple and meaningful advice on parenting, financial strategies, breaking negative thoughts, finding peace and joy in the midst of chaos, healthy living tips and more, moms in crisis will be able to find strength, comfort and inspiration. 

If you’ve ever said “Five minutes Lord. Just give me five minutes to breathe. Five minutes to catch my breath…” then this resource is for you. In just five minutes you will be able to make small meaningful changes that could have a big impact on your life. 

For that 5 Minute Mom trying to catch her breath, join Breathing By His Grace, where you will find weekly resources, advice, and a plan to action. Join our community of women and together, in just 5 minutes each day, you can breathe easier, and find peace.


Main Line- 1-800-382-0859

ext. 6499

Dancing By His Grace



Dancing By His Grace is a two year teacher training program designed to give trainees the tools to successfully teach classical ballet for the preschool through pre-professional level student, conduct performances, choreograph with confidence, and create programs to benefit other’s. 

DBHG will give you a hands-on learning experience working with students using the Northern Virginia Academy of Ballet as a tool to learn all aspects of running a studio. Trainees will live and work in the beautiful Living By His Grace Facility, in the peaceful and restorative area of Fort Valley, VA. 

This two year program will partner with a Community College where our trainees will enroll in an Arts Management Associates Degree program. The world needs teachers who will protect the innocence of our youth, respect families, model natural beauty and modesty, and glorify God in all that they do, while having sound management skills as well.


If you love to dance, have a heart for teaching, a desire to serve and glorify God, then our Teacher-In-Training program is for you. We accept no more than 12 trainees each two year cycle. For information about the application process, please call us. We look forward to hearing from you!


Our students will continue to find information about classes here and at It will be our family portal for announcements, and a tool for our teachers in training. It will remain an important part of our program, and a way for teachers to navigate social media, share what they are doing, and highlight student accomplishments. 


Main Line- 1-800-382-0859

ext. 6497

Healing By His Grace

If you have ever been injured as a dancer – physically, emotionally, or mentally you may find forgiveness, strength, solace, and peace through our nine week online course. 

Learn the power of prayer and the restorative power of forgiveness through instruction, challenges, journaling, and choreography for healing.


Psalm 139 says, 

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

In this online course, experience God's restorative love, hope, grace and mercy, find healing and reclaim your God given worth and value. There is no one else like you - God does not make mistakes. You are beautiful. You are worthy. You. Are. His!


Main Line- 1-800-382-0859

ext. 6501


Main Line- 1-800-382-0859

Dancing by His Grace- ext. 6497

Breathing by His Grace- ext. 6499

Healing by His Grace- ext. 6501



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